Seussical Cast and Crew Announced!

Congratulations to the cast, crew and creative team of Seussical playing April 16th – 19th at the Booker Visual Performing Arts Center!

Enter the innovative and vibrant worlds concocted by Dr. Seuss in this adaptation of the beloved author’s children’s stories, primarily “Horton Hears A Who.” The energetic musical and dynamic dance numbers inspire audiences to imagine infinite possibilities (“Oh, the thinks you can think!”) while also presenting thematic lessons of kindness, patience, and equality. Flaherty’s delightful score and Ahrens’ catchy lyrics, along with vivid and enchanting costumes and scenery, will delight audiences of all ages.

Creative Team

Director: Scott Keys

Assts. to Mr. Keys: Andrea Aponte & Emma Johnson

Music Director: Johnnie Mnich

Music Assts.: Jackson Day & Katherine Carnes

Choreographer: Cynthia Ashford

Associate Choreographer: Kacey Watts

Asst. Choreographers: Christina Brush & Lindsey Steele

Scenic Designer: Sophia Coscia

Asst. Scenic Designer: Kai Maurice

Lighting Designer/Production Associate: Aiden Pearson

Sound Designer/Operator: Alex Pinchin

Prop Master: Susan Hudson

Costume Designer: Heather Clarke

Casting Information

CAT in the HAT | Jack Nash

THING 1* | Mick Mazaeda

THING 2* | Marcus Cruz

JOJO | Gabe Tunks

HORTON | Brett McDowall

GERTRUDE MCFUZZ | Samantha Crawford

MAYZIE LaBIRD | Belle Babcock


LITTLE KANGAROO* | Saige Cheryholmes

BIRD GIRLS | Abbey Holdway, Izzy Pizarro & Bridget Marsh

WICKERSHAM BROTHERS | Anthony Dorso, Judah Woomert, Ricky Bizarro

VLAD VLADIKOFF* | Darwin Rojas

MAYOR | Danny Delongaig

MRS. MAYOR | Lucy Lawrence

THE GRINCH | Michael McQueeney


ENSEMBLE (Whos, Jungle of Nool Creatures, Circus, Cadets, etc…) | Ryan Modjeski, Jacquie Galvano, Tyler Gevas, Olivia Milholland, Colin Leonard, Laura Swartzendruber, Anthony Lobo, Natalija Nikolic, Dylan Ramon, Aubrey Solum, Charlie Timmons, Raina Khatami, Mackenzie O’Connor, Annabelle Weber, Hannah Marsh


Stage Manager: Drew Miller

Asst. Stage Managers: Anika Pisz & Julia Grandpre

Light Operator: Tessa Coutu

Spot Operator: Atticus Pratt & Riley Bejar

Mic Techs: Vivianna Coppa & Nicole Parisi

Prop Crew: Alyssa Baker & Amanda Beall

Run Crew: Grace Lumsden, Roxy Geevas, Leena Jarrar & Evelyn Pintus

Rails: Lena Savino & Evan Huit

Costumes: Anna Wolverton, Jadya Padilla, Alara Ureksoy, Kaity Cairo & Nawal Elhajoui

Makeup: Trace Green & Kate Mobley

Front of House Management and Staff is TBD


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