The VPA Music Program offers a diverse array of majors, depending on the student’s interest and aptitude. With courses in Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, and Vocal Techniques, the VPA Music Program helps nurture well-rounded musicianship and appreciation for a variety of genres and styles of music.

Unlike other VPA departments that have a prescribed curriculum, VPA Music is tailored to interest, so students can enroll in more than one ensemble playing the same instrument (for example, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band for a saxophonist) or opt to minor in a second instrument (for example, a saxophonist joining Symphonic Band and a chorus).

Along with the ensembles that offer practical application of skills, Music students are required to take an academic music course that bolsters understanding of composition and arrangement. All students take Music Theory, which enables the reading and writing of music. From then, students can opt to take Music Appreciation or more rigorous academic and college-credit-bearing courses, including AP Music Theory and AICE Music.

Aside from a broad range of classroom opportunities, the Music Department offers a number of extracurricular options for talented and passionate musicians. The Department hosts 3-4 major concerts annually. These celebrate music of all types, played on a variety of instruments. Additionally, there are several recitals and smaller concerts annually. Students also compete in the FBA Music Performance Assessments.

Our Music Department also is the foundation of our Whirlwind Brigade Marching Band, a pep band that plays at sporting events on campus and across the region.

Other opportunities include modern bands (we currently have two rock bands, Category 5 and Tempest), outreach choirs (our Jet Stream a cappella choir is featured all over town, from Sarasota community holiday events to private parties), an outreach string quartet (Legacy Strings), and more. These provide excellent exposure for our students and allow them to perform in a multitude of settings for diverse audiences.

If you’d like to book one of our musical acts, please contact VPA Director Megan Kendzior, at (941) 355-2967, ext. 65244.

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