In the Film & Animation program, students discover how to put their dreams and stories in motion. The faculty encourages them to develop their ideas from inception to screen, and the students watch great films, hear guest speakers from Hollywood, take field trips to college and professional sets, and learn the secrets to great storytelling, drawing, design, cinematography, directing, and editing.

When you enter the Film & Animation studios, you’ll see the same equipment, exercises, and teaching found in pre-college and college programs. The faculty includes teachers who also instruct at Ringling College of Art + Design, have taught college-level videography and editing at the University of North Florida, and illustrated, produced and edited for professional outlets.

The studios are equipped with 20 state-of-the-art Wacom Cintiq and Mac Pro work stations, as well as a stop-motion lab, allowing students to draw, design, rig and bring to life their creations on touch screens. Film students are given everything from Sony and Canon cameras to dollies to stabilizers and a crane, plus the funds and editing stations they need to create short films, both narrative and documentaries.

All first-year students learn the fundamentals of film, animation and motion design. They follow the pre-production, production, post-production workflow future employers expect. Starting with their sophomore year, students can choose to focus on just animation/motion design, just film, or both. As seniors, the students create portfolio projects to help them secure admission and scholarships to the top schools in the industry.

Along the way, they learn collaboration, focus, and problem-solving skills that will help them no matter what field they choose for college and career.

Lori Burton


John Timpe