The VPA Visual Art program centers on the serious and passionate student. That is to say, the department serves students who confidently use their art to express feelings and ideas. This confidence emerges when students feel nurtured. Thus, every day students are encouraged to think differently. They are inspired to dream and to go beyond expectations.

The success of the Visual Art department relies on three major factors. Firstly, teachers provide individual instruction, which helps students master skills. Secondly, art students have three hours each day to hone their abilities. Because they can work continuously, artists immerse themselves into their projects. Finally, the studios and tools provided offer an ideal environment for exploration. Our 9,000 square feet of studio space houses an array of supplies and mediums for everything from metalwork to screen printing. Therefore, our students receive an unlimited arena in which their imaginations can run wild.

If they can dream it, they can make it in the Visual Art Department.

Steven Strenk

Fine Arts Chair

Cathie Janssen


Jeff Cornwell