Lori Burton


Lori Burton is the Film & Animation Instructor for the VPA Program at Booker High School. Sarasota native Lori Burton comes from an Illustration background, earning her degrees from the Ringling College of Art + Design and the University of Florida. As a free-lance illustrator for such leading businesses as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business, Coca Cola and children’s book publisher Simon and Schuster, Lori polished her craft over eighteen years in the business world. Now she brings those experiences and knowledge as a teacher both at Booker VPA and Ringling College of Art + Design.

Now in her sixth year at Booker VPA’s Film & Animation Department, Lori helps her students breathe life into static content where the only limitations are their imaginations. Her students learn how to combine the language of film, animation and graphic design to tell a story visually.