Daydreaming in Nature – Livestream

Daydreaming in Nature – Livestream

The Seniors of Booker High School’s VPA Dance Department explore their journeys through adolescence using elements of nature and storytelling in their upcoming showcase “Daydreaming in Nature.” The performance will be at Westcoast Black Theater Troupe at 7:30pm on May 24th.

The seniors wanted to pay homage to their childhoods while also paving the way for adulthood in this show, culminating their four years in VPA Dance. The production is circled around the iconic Shel Silverstein tale “The Giving Tree,” and the many ways the story’s meaning can be interpreted: earth, family, friends, relationships and personal growth. The show features narrated excerpts of the story matched to structured improv, with interludes of individual creation. A cornerstone of the VPA Dance program is the concept of community, a sentiment that has truly impacted the seniors. This concept shines through their movement, especially in the duets, trios and group pieces within the show.

The seniors were adamant about continuing the legacy of VPA Dance, by honoring their teachers who are VPA alumni, as well as using nostalgic choreography and music in the show.

“Daydreaming in Nature” will inspire audiences to reflect on the emotions they experienced as they said farewell to their childhood and hello to their futures. All are invited to share this unique, nostalgic and heartfelt senior dance production at Westcoast Black Theater Troupe.

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May 24 2021


7:30 PM

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Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
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