Donate Today!

The coronavirus pandemic has had overwhelming economic implications for Booker VPA, and we are working hard to deliver stellar performances and exhibits. While we eagerly await the state-of-the-art performing arts center that will be opening in January 2023, with our theatre currently closed for renovation, we face more economic challenges in renting spaces and equipment that can bring our performances to life.  We invite you to join the special company of those who sustain and encourage excellence on-stage and off-stage with a contribution to Booker VPA’s “Sustaining Success in the Arts” campaign.   

 Your unrestricted gift will: 

  • Support artistic excellence and the caliber of work for which the VPA has developed a reputation

  • Sustain important and deeply integrated education and community engagement programs 

  • Support local arts organizations through the funding of partnerships that will foster growth for our students 

  • Allow us to plan for tomorrow