Creativity in the Time of COVID–September 26, 2021

Saturday Night Fever! Opens Season with a Sizzle

Twisty Cone, the VPA Men’s Choir, performs an endearing “Lean on Me.”

The VPA season opened this weekend with Saturday Night Fever!, a tribute to the sounds of the ’70s. From the personal (“Fever,” “Lean on Me”) to the political (“She Works Hard (for the Money),” “What’s Going On?”), the concert delivered hits from a decade of change.

The mood was decidedly festive as the concert marked a return to an entire season of live performance at Booker VPA. The outdoor venue–a cool autumn breeze and gorgeous prismatic sunset–lent to the music festival feel.

The concert featured performances by the VPA’s jazz, piano, orchestra, choral, and modern bands program. It marked the debut performance of the NEW Category 5 (members from the inaugural group all graduated last year) as well as the VPA’s new alt/folk band Zephyr.

If you missed this, you missed out, but don’t despair! VPA Music will perform again for the holidays with Winter Jam! and Winter Wonderland!, both concerts that will celebrate the season in musical style.

VPA thanks all who helped make this event possible, including our volunteer heroes, led by the inimitable Tanya Jones, front-of-house manager. Other volunteers included Cemantha Crain, Amanda Daughtry, Teri-Jo Scot, Ella Abrahamson, Amy Miller, Krits Tran, Don and Renata Bickel. Thanks also to our fabulous VPA Theatre and Production students who ushered with skill.

Parents, keep an eye out for more volunteer opportunities coming up soon. Sign up soon to fulfill your VPA Volunteer obligation.

Ancient Collides with Gen Z: “Greek Freaks” Opens Oct. 16

The VPA Theatre Department will proudly present “Greek Freaks: Student Written Greek Plays” Oct. 16-17. These plays present theatre’s original dramas and comedies through the lens of the modern teenager. The fresh and hilarious updates offer new perspective on the classics.

L-R: Ryan Modjeski, Liam McGuire, Bridget Marsh, and Dylan Ramon rehearse “Callisto and the Hunters.”

Revisionist Greek plays have been a time-treasured part of the VPA Theatre curriculum for years. Now, these works will be open to the general public. Those who’ve never seen a student-written play owe themselves the pleasure of this insight and talent.

You can purchase tickets here for this delightful and insightful take on the classics. These plays put the “hip” in “Hippodrome.”

VPA Artists Complete Character Sculptures

Hong Nguyen adds the final details to his warrior.

It’s a project that blends figure study, character exploration, and painstaking detail: the level 2 Artists are finishing up their character sculpture projects.

The project begins with an investigation of character: some students chose to present a version of themselves; some, like Hong Nguyen, decided on imaginary characters. This involves sketching and revisions, decisions on posture, movement, and garments.

Once details are decided, the students set out with Polymer clay to sculpt the characters. The final step is painting–a process involving color blending and hair-thin paint brush applicators–to achieve intricate and interesting figures, each as unique as its creator.

These artworks will be on display in the Art Studio display cases. Check them out if you’re on campus.

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