Creativity in the Time of Covid-Nov. 29, 2020

We hope everyone enjoyed a splendid and joyous holiday break, surrounded by loved ones, even if on Zoom. At this time of year to take stock of all we have to appreciate, we hope our families and friends know how grateful we are for your ongoing support and love. Especially as we end this year, which has presented unique challenges and hardships, our deep appreciation for our VPA family remains steadfast. 2020 Home Stretch-You’ve Got This! Our Booker High students have demonstrated grit and responsibility since the first few days of school, whether learning in-person or remotely. Three weeks now separate us from the Holiday Break, and we know you have it in you to stay the course–both academically and with regard to wellness. Continue to make the great choices we’ve seen on display and finish 2020 strong. Seeing out the end of the semester means prioritizing your time, making sure your assignments are completed, communicating with teachers when issues arise, and remaining observant of health precautions that can keep the remaining weeks as predictable and productive as possible.

Artwork Selected to Embracing Our Differences Ella Mirman’s ‘Journey to Self-Love’ was one of four Sarasota County Schools works selected for this prestigious exhibition. Embracing Our Differences has published the artworks that have been selected for display in the 17th annual exhibit at the Sarasota Bayfront Park, and we’ve now got details (and the piece itself) to share about VPA Art senior Ella Mirman’s winning work and the festival-at-large.

Can I Buy Zolpidem Online ‘Journey to Self-Love’ was one of just four works selected from Sarasota County Schools students to the exhibit, and was chosen out of an entry pool of 15,912 submissions from 128 countries, 48 states and 412 schools. The other winning Sarasota County works were from Sarasota High School, Sarasota Middle School, and Suncoast Polytechnical High School. The work will be featured at the annual exhibit, along with 49 other artworks from around the world, from Jan. 20-April 1, 2021. This exhibit is one of Sarasota’s most famous attractions, boasting more than 3 million visitors since the organization’s inception in 2004. You can check out the full exhibition at the bayfront or click here to view the selected works.

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Buy Ambien Australia Congratulations to Ella and to her teacher and EOD sponsor Jeffery Cornwell for this distinctive honor.

Ambien Cr Order Online FAFSA Challenge in Full Swing

Thanks to all the seniors who have submitted their confirmation of their FAFSA application! There still are plenty of folks whose confirmation emails we’re awaiting–submit yours today to help us reach our goal of 100 percent FAFSA completion for the class of 2021. Remember, as we discussed in last week’s newsletter, there is no good reason not to complete the FAFSA, and its benefits can extend beyond simply earning government aid; it also unlocks millions of dollars in institutional aid for families. Unless you just don’t like money, completing the FAFSA should be in your immediate future. When you’ve received a confirmation notice from the FAFSA office, send it to Rebecca Abrahamson so we can count you in our efforts to connect our amazing senior class with helpful funding.

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2020 Art graduate Nicole Colton with one of her larger-than-life portraits, featured in the VPA Video Tour.

With COVID restrictions in place, we are prohibited from allowing shadows and many visitors on campus as is normally our practice; however, we still want to get the word out about our incredible programs and the opportunities available at Booker High School in the VPA program, so we’ve created a virtual tour to share with anyone wanting to glimpse our programs. Even our own VPA families can see the range of options and opportunities available to VPA students. You can check out the video here. If you know of families who’d like to learn more about the VPA, please share this link and direct them to our VPA administrative offices. Rebecca Abrahamson and Nancy Wachendorf are here to help the curious learn more about the dynamic and inspiring programs available here.

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