Sung Choe

Piano and AP Music Theory Instructor

Sung Choe is the Piano and AP Music Theory Instructor for the VPA Program at Booker High School. Sung is an active music teacher in the district. Currently, she teaches at the Booker High School and privately at home. In the past, she has been an adjunct music faculty at State College of Florida.  She taught piano at the Sarasota Music Center, music theory at the Florida West Coast Symphony’s youth program. In addition, she has been the music director and piano accompanist for Braden River Presbyterian Church.

She is involved in many music activities around the area. She was the co-chairperson for the Creative Music Festival, the chairperson for the district concerto competition, and the chairperson for the Ruth Deluca Original Composition contest.  And she has been an active member of SMTA and MCMTA and participated in many local and state level solo & ensembles, festivals, contests, and workshops. She adjudicated and accompanied many students in numerous competitions and festivals around the area.

She is originally from South Korea and received her music education from Mrs. Sandra Lawler locally. Then, she moved on to further music education with Professor Uriel Tsachor and got her BA and MA from the University of Iowa with the emphasis on the Piano Performance and minor in the Pedagogy of Music Theory. She teaches Piano Classes, Music Theory 1 and Advanced Placement Music Theory at BHS.